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I have asked my friends to send me pictures of any quilt they completed from any of my patterns and I would then post its picture on my web site. Enjoy!

quilt friends

Anne Pasquale - San Jose, CA

Anne took my Star Maze pattern and used a straight setting.  It looks completely different.

Ileane Hassel

I love the bright colors she used in her quilt.

Polly Lassattre - Los Gatos, CA

I know that Polly has made a number of quilts from the Framed pattern.  This is her latest quilt and I love how it "looks soft." The hot pink and black quilt is also wonderful. Polly used corner stones in her outer border. I wish you could see the quilting. It's very "mod" circles. Even though they are both pink. They are quite different quilts.

Charlotte Scholberg - San Jose, CA

Charlotte is an amazing quilter, particularly hawaiian and hand appliqué and hand quilting.  This picture doesn't do Charlotte's quilt justice as it just sparkles.  Charlotte modified the border and split it into two small borders.  She also mitered the corners.

This is a virtual quilt patch in honor of my father, William N. Carrico, who passed away from Alzheimer's disease.

The names on the purple patches popping up on web pages, blogs, social networking sites, and in emails, and are in remembrance of people who have/had Alzheimer's disease. The goal is to raise awareness of the 5.2 million Americans (26.6 million people worldwide) who have this disease.

Bobbi Toshikian - Bonny Doon, CA

Bobbi modified the Framed pattern to accommodate a pre-printed halloween panel. Pretty cool.

Here’s my late friend, Marilyn Abbott, who has made a quilt from my pattern, Star Maze.  It is also available as a table topper, see my Patterns page.


Table Runner from my Garden Party pattern.

My friend,  Judy, made my Star Maze table topper at the Granary Getaway.  I love the Red, White, & Blue.

Janice, below left, is holding up her version of  “Framed.”  I love the colors. She’s putting minkee on the back because it’s a baby quilt.  See the close-up at the right.

Ann Bruni is showing off her pirate spirit with her take on “Framed.”

On the left is Kris Webber from the Ridge Quilters’ Guild in Paradise, CA.  Kris took my Framed class challenge and completed the top before the end of the day.  She even added an extra border!  Congratulations, Kris!  And below is a quilt from Leeanne Kromer who was in the same class.  She made the larger quilt with a lovely cherry fabric.  And love that green highlight.  And last, but not least, is a wonderful rendition in blue which Carole Chumbler created with a scalloped border.  Great job ladies!

I recently spoke at the Annie’s Star Quilt Guild  in Chico, CA,  and hosted a workshop featuring my Steppin’ Up the Squares” pattern.  The challenge was to get a top finished in day.  Jo Schreiber took me up on the challenge and sent me a photo of her completed quilt top.  She even fussy-cut some of the squares and the inner border.  Way to go,  Jo!